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the story of us

MJR Creative Group is a dynamic creative agency with an all-hands-on-deck philosophy and work ethic. Our skilled project execution capabilities are the result of comprehensive pre-planning, clear creative vision, razor-sharp focus, and detailed project management.

MJR is also a modern marketing powerhouse that has harnessed a sophisticated array of digital and data marketing technologies allowing our clients to tap into the new social psychology of the connected consumer.

MJR Creative Group. The creative engine for food wine and agriculture.


Monitor & Engage. Say hello to real time marketing.

Marketing has Changed

Consumer behavior — our behavior — has changed. Traditional sales and marketing techniques are clearly impacted by this changing behavior. We use our DVR's to skip commercials. We listen to satellite radio. We get our news from the internet. Our phone, laptops and tablets are our window to the world. Our attention is diverted, diluted, fragmented.

We have changed in other ways as well. The easy availability of information has made us hungry for it. Consumers are now researchers. And our findings and opinions can be easily amplified to an ever widening audience to other consumers, also hungry for information, and opinions.

Say hello to Relevance, real time marketing from MJR.

Service Categories

Relevance Social Intelligence

  • Full monitoring
  • Limited time monitoring
  • Limited-channel monitoring
  • Historical research

Relevance Community Engagement

  • Community Manager training
  • Engagement consulting
  • Engagement

Relevance Inbound Marketing

  • Inbound marketing strategy
  • Social channel enablement
  • Social campaigns and promotions
  • Relevance content management
    • Social strategy
    • Platform development
    • Content strategy
    • Content development