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Aug 5

Big News in eCommerce: Amazon Launches Pinterest-like “Collections”

With little fanfare, Amazon has launched a significant new feature called “Amazon Collections.” Make sure you are logged into your Amazon account before clicking the link and you will be rewarded with a familiar Pinterest-style infinite scrolling page of items that have been collected into categories and themes by Amazon users.

Despite the quiet roll-out, the import of this move is huge. Pinterest is the new darling of eCommerce due to its ability to drive significant traffic volume to online shipping sites through user sharing of images that are housed on those sites. Amazon clearly has seen the writing on the wall, and with Amazon Collections has deeply embedded user collecting and sharing directly into the Amazon shopping experience.

MJR - Amazon Collections

Starting today, when you log into your Amazon account a new option appears when you hover over “Your Account” – “Your Collections”. Clicking that link takes you to some starter collections that are initially empty but pre-built for you: “My Style,” “Want List,” and “Possibilities,” prompting you on how Amazon want you to think of the service. As you wander through the rabbit-hole of Amazon’s products, you can add them to any of your collections with a lick of a button. As the service is still in roll-out, you will find some products have yet to have the add button on their item listing. Users can overcome this temporary limitation by installing a “Collect” bookmarklet to their browser’s bookmarks toolbar, similar to Pinterest’s “PinIt” bookmarklet. this will allow users to add any Amazon product to their collections categories. However, and this is a big deal, you can only add Amazon products to your Collections.

This is a bold move by Amazon to directly emulate the features of an another platform, and comes at a time where Pinterest is actively adding features to benefit its eCommerce connections including analytics data, enhanced personalization features and product pins.

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