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Feb 12

How To Disable Auto-Play Videos on Facebook in Chrome and iOS

If you are like me, you get irritated by the new auto-play videos in your Facebook newsfeed. Here’s a great tip from Shelby DeNikeon on how to disable autoplay from within the Chrome browser.

In your Chrome address bar, type:


A window will pop up with some settings. Scroll down that list to “Plug-ins”…


…and toggle “Click to play”

After that hit “Done” and that’s it! Load up Facebook in a new tab and all videos will now require a click before they play.

For those on iOS, you can sorta disable the feature – but only in the Facebook app and only if you are not on a WiFi connection. Lame, I know. See the screen shots below for how to change the app’s settings.



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  • this very fucking google chrome feature to auto play the video i try all the method to stop it like go in setting->Privacy->plugins->let me chose to Play contents but its not working.fuck google chrome.

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