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Feb 11

Proven Tactics for 2014 to Improve Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is practiced by nearly 100% of marketers. Is your company taking full advantage of the opportunity modern email marketing provides to create integrated, customer-centric programs that connect and engage with your customers?

Experian Marketing Services published their annual report investigating 2013 trends in email marketing, and the results point to several key strategies that everyone can employ to improve their email marketing programs. Let’s take a look at proven tactics that are being employed by the best email marketers out there:

Proven tactics

Activity Segmentation. The majority of today’s marketers (83 percent) segment their email campaign audiences by past activity data, such as open and click activity. Examples of email segmentation you can employ are: Recency (time on list), Value, Past Transaction, Past Activity (open, click activity), Demographics, and Engagement Score. Segmenting your audience in some or all of these ways allows you to craft email messages that are particularly relevant to your audience, dramatically increasing open and click rates.

E-receipts. Of all e-receipts, those with up-sell and cross-sell features have the highest click and transaction rates. What are e-receipts? E-receipts are emails a customer receives after an online or in-store transaction confirming a purchase. There has been a sharp rise is the offering of e-receipts at check-out in brick-and-mortar stores as a result of their ability to motivate click behavior. Try it for your store.

Real-time triggering. Second abandoned cart reminders – a follow up abandoned cart message message to the initial abandoned cart email – garner an average of 54% lift compared to just sending one abandoned cart message. “Browse” emails that are based on products or categories a customer has surfed achieve a 3.4x increase in revenue compared to other promotional mailings.

Reactivation. Confirmed opt-in/double-opt-in mailing have 3.3x higher click rates than other reactivation emails. What are those you ask?

Confirmed Opt-in: After someone signs up for your email list, you’d send them a “thank you” confirmation email that contains a link to unsubscribe from your list (just in case they were signed up by someone else without their permission).

Double Opt-in: Someone signs up for your email list. You send a confirmation email with a link that they must click before they’re added to your list. If they don’t click the link, they don’t get added to the list. When users confirm that they want on your list, you should store their IP address, and confirmation date and time in your records. This is, in my opinion, the best way to handle your email list, and ensure that your messages are going to people that truly want them.

Customer Loyalty. Brand loyalists (customers who usually buy more, eliminate competing brands and products from purchase considerations, and tell others about their positive brand experiences) click significantly more on surveys, review requests and “follow us” links for social websites, than non brand-loyalists. Use these tactics to get the most from these valuable customers.

What proven tactics are you using that are getting great results? Please share with us in the comments.


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