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Sep 11

Content Marketing Quick Tip #3: Page 1 of Google is Not Good Enough

This is the third in a series of quick read tips featuring effective content marketing techniques. Please feel free to submit questions for topics to me at

Its amazing to me that SEO guys are still talking about “Page One on Google.” Or that competent marketing people are doing the same. Getting to Page One is not “enough” to achieve search marketing success. Not even close. The numbers don’t lie – there is an 80 percent difference in click-through rates between Google’s 1st and 10th result on page one. More numbers: The 10th Google answer gets only 8.3% CTR, and the CTR for anything that appears on page two and later is statistically zero.

What does that mean? It means don’t trust anyone who says that hitting Page One is all you need to do. And certainly don’t pay for that. It also means that your goal should be positions 1-3 and to never stop striving for it.

Since everyone always asks for it, here’s the breakdown of Page One click-through rates:

  • POSITION 1 – 43.2%

  • POSITION 2 – 30.7%

  • POSITION 3 – 23.3%

  • POSITION 4 – 19.7%

  • POSITION 5 – 15.1%

  • POSITION 6 – 14.3%

  • POSITION 7 – 11.4 %

  • POSITION 8 – 10.1%

  • POSITION 9 – 8.9%

  • POSITION 10 – 8.3%

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