Headquartered in Portugal, Cork Supply is a leading supplier of corks, French and American oak barrels, oak alternatives, capsules, screw caps, synthetic and sparkling closures to the global wine industry.

We are extremely proud to call ourselves "cork dorks."

MJR's relationship with Cork Supply Group began in 2008 and is a robust experience that encompasses global brand unification, and, for their U.S. Division (Cork Supply USA), multiple brand and product launches, promotional programs, web design, video production, and a category-leading social media strategy.

Underpinning all of our work has been the ongoing creation and development of innovative, strong, multiple brand advertising executions to support brand and product awareness. In any given month you will see multiple Cork Supply USA brand messages in key wine industry publications, just one component of an integrated marketing strategy that works hard to keep Cork Supply ahead of the competition.

Video: A step-by-step look at natural wine cork processing.

Video: A step-by-step look at Dry Soak Inspection.

Video: Touring a state-of-the art cooperage in California.