A new take on the craft of coopering.

A new
on the
craft of

Tonnellerie Ô was conceived of and built with a noble vision: to handcraft exquisite French oak barrels essential for making the world's finest wines in California, using the most technologically advanced process in the world.

Manufacturing technology meets flavor chemistry meets winemaking tradition, in a video to inspire California's best winemakers.

A part of the Cork Supply Group family of companies (see more featured work for Cork Supply USA), Tonnellerie Ô is a company with a unique story. The cooperage was built from the ground-up with a singular vision - marry the absolute pinnacle in barrel-making technology and flavor chemistry with the tradition of European handwork and French oak. Oh, and did we mention they do it all in California?

The story is a compelling one, but complex to tell to the notoriously tradition-bound makers of California's (and the world's) finest wines. To aid the cooperage with the task of communicating this story, Tonnellerie Ô asked MJR Creative Group to conceive and produce a video that would capture the marriage of two worlds, and chronicle the journey from raw French oak to completed barrel. Along the way we helped explain how Tonnellerie Ô's flavor chemists are a powerful new ally for the winemaker to bring his vision to life. It's a fascinating process, an elegant tale and was a joy to create.