Advertisers Increase Spending On Facebook Retargeting
Sep 21

Advertisers Increase Spending On Facebook Retargeting

Advertisers' spending on Facebook retargeting is on the rise with a recent study by retargeting platform AdRoll reporting a 31 percent year-over-year increase in average spending per advertiser.

B2B advertisers are the source behind the majority of the spending growth. The average spend per B2B advertiser on Facebook rose 61 percent for the year, MarketingLand reports, compared to just 31 percent for retailers.

This isn’t surprising when you consider the data AdRoll found after analyzing more than 55,000 Facebook campaigns in the past year. Business-to-business marketers have seen click-through rates (CTRs) rise 140 percent when using Facebook for content marketing and social engagement.

Across the globe, 49 percent of B2B advertisers using AdRoll are running retargeting campaigns on Facebook. Two-thirds of retailers are doing the same.

Another factor that has contributed to the increase in spending is the addition of mobile Facebook retargeting.

Facebook’s rollout of mobile retargeting last year gave advertisers the ability to execute cross-device retargeting campaigns, allowing them to reach consumers across multiple screens. AdRoll found when advertisers added mobile retargeting to campaigns, impression reach rose 60 percent, CTRs rose 64 percent and cost per click fell by 36 percent.

AdRoll found that the majority of conversions happen on display campaigns outside of Facebook—but adding Facebook to existing Web display campaigns does provide a lift in conversions ( which is unsurprising, considering its vast user base).

Advertisers who added Facebook to existing display retargeting campaigns saw a 92 percent increase in impression reach.