Mobile Powers Millennial Moms' Purchases
Nov 19

Mobile Powers Millennial Moms' Purchases

More moms are completing purchases via mobile than ever before, according to Babycenter’s 2015 U.S. Mobile Mom survey. 64 percent of moms completed a purchase via mobile this year compared to just 48 percent in 2014.

Mobile has become ingrained in the modern mom’s shopping experience: 70 percent of moms have used their smartphones for shopping while in a physical store. Two out of three moms consistently use mobile across the entire purchase funnel.

Mobile-first strategies are a requirement for marketers and brands seeking to stay in touch with their customers. Usage has reached a staggering saturation point among U.S. mothers according to Edison Research, with 84 percent reporting ownership.

BabyCenter polled over 1,000 moms about how they use their mobile phones throughout the purchase process. Mothers seem to prefer to use their smartphones when deciding where to buy a product: 73 percent reported visiting a retailer or shopping site on their smartphone.

Since 2014, there have been significant upticks in several mobile-related shopping behaviors like using a retailer app, searching prices online while in-store and photographing items before buying them—all of which are up 14 percent since the last year.

It’s important to remember that Millennials are no longer kids. Many millennials already have children or they’re planning on having them soon: 90 percent of the 1.5 million new mothers within the last year were millennial moms.

The generation that grew up with the Internet expects more from the brands they choose to interact with in terms of mobility and user experience. According to the BabyCenter study, 59 percent of moms agree that when mobile purchases require too much typing, they’re much less likely to complete it. Another 48 percent use their smartphone to research products, but would rather purchase them on their PC.

The experience mobile moms have is even more critical to a brand’s reputation if that mobile mom is a millennial. According to a study by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research, millennial moms are decision influencers among their friends and family. They’re more frequently asked for opinions on purchase decisions and provide more unsolicited online recommendations.

The average millennial mom has 24 close friends—and with 74 percent of them reporting they are the go-to for advice on a range of topics, they have a potentially far-reaching network.

Moms are proving their smartphones are an integral tool along the path to purchase. Now, it’s a question of whether their favorite brands can keep up.