Uniting an Industry Behind Consumer Safety

In 2007, California farmers came together to raise the bar for food safety. As a result the California Leafy Green Products Handler Marketing Agreement (LGMA) was formed. Members of the LGMA are working collaboratively to protect public health by reducing potential sources of contamination in California-grown leafy greens.

A Movement To Put Food Safety First.

MJR has been working with the LGMA since it's inception in 2007. In 2012, MJR account director and MJR's food safety expert Geoff Johnston developed for the LGMA an important new messaging platform: "A Movement to Put Food Safety First."

The "Movement" concept was born out of a clear and growing need to refocus the produce industry's efforts around the essentials of food safety. Increasingly, growers are facing a dizzying array of competing for-profit and government-led food safety auditing programs, and retailers are still making decisions based primarily on cost and availability. "A Movement To Put Food Safety First" was designed to rally an entire industry around the need to put food safety considerations above all others throughout the U.S. fresh produce supply chain.

The campaign debuted October, 2012, at the produce industry's largest event, the annual Fresh Summit Conference and Expo (the show site www.freshsummit.com is designed and maintained by MJR Creative Group). At the Keynote session, every guest was greeted at their table with table tents and pamphlets showcasing the Movement message, as well as the green USB-drive bracelets emblazoned with the "Food Safety First" and the LGMA logo (designed by MJR Creative Group in 2007) and the organization's website www.safeleafygreens.com (also designed and regularly updated by MJR Creative Group).

To officially kick off the campaign the conference attendees were shown a video written by Geoff Johnston and produced by MJR Creative Group, featuring six produce industry leaders sharing the message of the LGMA. After the video's conclusion, Ryan Talley, chairman of the LGMA, took the stage and asked who was willing stand in support of the LGMA's challenge to the industry to join the "Movement to Put Food Safety First." In a goose-bump inducing moment, over 800 members of the produce industry stood in unison and applauded the organization's message and commitment.

Subsequently, the campaign has been the centerpiece of the LGMA's continued work as their program has grown to provide mandatory audits for over 100 handlers, representing approximately 99% of the volume of California leafy greens production.